Judgemental Retards of the World

•August 13, 2007 • 4 Comments

From the beginning, from the very first article, my AC content has always been more geared towards relating my own personal experiences.  Though not the most popular content, my articles have always received good, well-intentioned comments. 

This month, I decided to go out on a limb and get more personal than I’ve ever been, and more present tense as well.  I started out writing an article “When Your Husband’s Affair Results in a Child” that recounted my experience after one of my husband’s affairs.  Knowing that this would leave my reader with questions as to why I would stay after such a thing, I wrote “Why I Stayed After My Husband’s Multiple Affairs.”

After my past experiences with my articles, I was not prepared for the comment I found on the latter article this weekend.  Laura says, “Sounds very trailor-trashie. I guess your two lives have just been one big orgy and swing-fest.”  Now, I will not even get into the spelling/grammer issues I have with this comment, but I will admit to willingly leaving the comment on article, along with a few comments back to her. 

Yet, the more I think about it, the more I realize just how ignorant some people can be.  First of all, why does living in trailer make one trash?  I have lived in trailer parks off and on throughout my life (not always by choice), but now live in a beautiful $100,000 house with a 3/4 acre lot.  I drive an average looking vehicle and, to look at me, you would never know I ever lived in a trailer. 

Then, I wondered how long people are willing to hold past indiscretions against others.  I personally think it is more commendable to admit your past and wrongdoings than to attempt a cover-up.  You cannot move forward in life until you let go of your past.  I really hate to see this person comment on some of my other past mistakes. 

I am assuming that a big part of this reader’s basis for her comment was my admitting that my ex-husband and I had both cheated on one another, noting that I had been on both sides of the fence with affairs.  I did not feel it relevant to the article to note that I was 18 when all of that happened and that it was a very important learning lesson in my life. 

I just wish that people could accept that even those with morals, values, and common sense make mistakes too.  I have received many more comments stating that they commend me for being such a “strong” woman.  I do not always feel strong, but also do not feel right running out to file for divorce like 60% of other Americans do on a daily basis.  I want a marriage for life and if that means that I have to woman enough to accept my husband’s PAST mistakes and forgive, then so be it.  I will not be another divorce statistic.


Help Save Sarahbeth From Corrupt Missouri Judge!

•August 11, 2007 • Leave a Comment

As a content producer for Associated Content, I attempt to network and form relationships with as many other producers as possible. The AC Group on Yahoo sent me the daily digest today with a very disturbing plea from a wonderful mother/woman/writer name Susan Corbett.

Susan’s daughter Sarahbeth is 13-months-old has been STOLEN by the “upstanding” Missouri judge, the “Honorable” Judge Truman Wiles and handed to her sperm donor who is violent, abusive, and been non-existant in this child’s life. She has been taken from all she knows and loves. The mother is incapable of retaining a lawyer. Please see her lens on Squidoo and watch the heartbreaking video of her pleading for action to save her daughter. http://www.squidoo.com/save-sarahbeth

sarahbeth3.jpg  Sweet little Sarahbeth Corbett

Quiet Plea For Change

•August 9, 2007 • 2 Comments

A neverending sadnessI beg and plead for society to right itself from this chaos it has become.  But who am I to say it is wrong in the first place?  I am just a 28-year-old wife and mother who is sickened by the fact that I chose to bring children into this hellish world.  Had I known, had I realized where society was headed, I would’ve thought twice about bringing more lives into the world.  I would not wish this suffering, I mean society, on anyone.

Though I would never give my children up for anything, I feel I have wronged them by creating them.  No matter how I have struggled to raise them right and teach them the morals and values that make good people, they have been wronged by society many times in their short lives. 

Our family has seen years worth of child support go unpaid, with no consequence to the uncaring sperm donor who chooses to go out and father more offspring he will not support.  We have endured criticism and legal prosecution for believing that there is nothing wrong with spanking a deserving, misbehaving child. 

We have been denied assistance with insurance because a disability is just barely outside the guidelines of what they think requires medication, or we make $5 too much a month.  The biggest slap in the face, the bombshell that almost pushed me far enough to take my own life…watching the person who molested my daughter with my son as a witness, walk away from any worries of prosecution or charges.  Why?  Because he refused to take a polygraph, my children were 7 and 5, and the investigation took so long that it was too late. 

You ask why the investigation took so long, especially when I was doing most of the investigating and information gathering for them?  Because the detective who was in charge of the so-called “investigation” was also in the middle of running for sheriff.  And people wonder why I am so sickened by the state of our society today?